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“The oldest rainforest in the world” and other tall tales

My PhD fieldwork in Borneo has come full circle, though not through design. My first few months included Christmas in Singapore and New Year’s at the top of a granite slab they call Kinabalu. Since then, I’ve managed to get … Continue reading

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Trying to find one of the rarest cats in existence

I remember my first wild cat capture. It was early 2011 and I’d already been camera-trapping for a couple of months in various sites by this point. I’d just had a tough few days collecting in cameras and was perched … Continue reading

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The Lost World

One of the most exciting parts of my PhD, for me, is the chance to work in some truly wild places, little explored by people. For some reason Wilderness just does it for me. I think it’s because such places … Continue reading

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New Year’s Expectations

Mount Kinabalu, the highest peak between the Himalayas and the mountains of New Guinea, is also supposed to be one of the most accessible ways to climb above 12,000 ft. No mountaineering required. All you need is an ability to … Continue reading

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Team Tikus

In the week before Christmas, I assembled a crack team (see below) of chain-smoking, parang-wielding Research Assistants to help me cut and mark my trail system. It went surprisingly well, if exhausting. My parang (curved machete) skills are improving and … Continue reading

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Twice-logged hill forest fun

So I spent my first weeks at my new forest home recceing and planning how best I am going to go about collecting my data. It always takes a while to get accustomed to the ways of a new forest, … Continue reading

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Kuznets Curves and an Old Tree

There’s an old development theory that is supposed to predict what a country will do with its natural resources, depending on how rich it is. It’s based on the idea of the Environmental Kuznets Curve (EKC), after Simon Kuznets. Stick with … Continue reading

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Crossing Borneo

There’s a book I’ve been recommended more times than I can remember. It’s called Stranger In the Forest, and is (apparently) an absorbing and accurate account of a truly remarkable feat: crossing the breadth of Borneo on foot. Forget Redmond … Continue reading

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KK in brief

This gallery contains 4 photos.


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Land Below The Wind

…that’s what northern Borneo, now Malaysian Borneo, was originally called by sailors back in the day, rightly obsessed with all things wind. Though not new to Borneo, I’m new to Malaysia. Kota Kinabalu (“KK”) has been my first taste of Malaysia’s interpretation of this strange island. My … Continue reading

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