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The 12 days of Christmas (through the medium of camera-trapping)

It’s about time I shared some more of the many thousands of camera trap images  (682,566 and counting…) we’ve accumulated over the course of the last few years’ fieldwork. And given the festive timing, I thought it appropriate to hijack a … Continue reading

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“The oldest rainforest in the world” and other tall tales

My PhD fieldwork in Borneo has come full circle, though not through design. My first few months included Christmas in Singapore and New Year’s at the top of a granite slab they call Kinabalu. Since then, I’ve managed to get … Continue reading

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Trying to find one of the rarest cats in existence

I remember my first wild cat capture. It was early 2011 and I’d already been camera-trapping for a couple of months in various sites by this point. I’d just had a tough few days collecting in cameras and was perched … Continue reading

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Go forth and have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moves upon the earth

So the forest clearance looks set to begin. A huge area has been cleared in the south of the Obah Suluk estate within Kalabakan Forest Reserve, the logging camp has been built, the saw mill is finished and a veritable … Continue reading

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An idea for the Borneo Biodiversity Network

A message for the nascent Borneo Biodiversity Network: I’ve been thinking for a while that we, as Borneo biodiversity investigators and promoters, need a platform. The BBN facebook page is an excellent start, which has kicked off lots of exciting … Continue reading

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Over the last couple of months I’ve been based in the UK, putting my jungle-wallah ways on pause. It’s been a really productive period: I’ve been sorting equipment (broken cameras!), catching up on meetings (including giving my PhD upgrade presentation!), … Continue reading

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There’s no wow in Tawau

It’s been quite a few months since my last post – my apologies. I always said I’d blog when I had that rare combination of internet access + time (+ inspiration) and the first half of 2011 has been busier … Continue reading

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What does a logging truck mean?

Worryingly, I just passed 9 logging trucks on the road to the Maliau Basin. In fact, I hear that the trucks have been coming thick and fast along this road for the last 6 months. It’s very difficult to get … Continue reading

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We can’t palm off the basic questions

I’ve recently been trapping in the oil-palm plantations beyond our forested experimental area. Much as the Maliau Basin has set the bar for me on what we should expect from a piece of forested land, the oil palm plantations have … Continue reading

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Sea gypsies and forest pygmies

If you want to be amazed by the world for 5 minutes, check this out: Interestingly, they’ve done some shooting here in Sabah with the Bajau sea-gypsies. I visited one of their water villages down in Indonesia once – an … Continue reading

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