Wallah what?

Wallah is a Hindi affix that means, variously, an “agent”, “doer”, “inhabitant” or, simply, “man”. So, in some sense, I see myself as a jungle wallah. But I also hope that we may all find the jungle wallah inside ourselves, before the half of the planet’s tropical forest that remains is cleared, divided, burned, replaced or hunted to oblivion.

This blog is the not-so-orderly confessions of a PhD candidate-in-the-making. I’ll be living and working in Borneo, attempting to understand just what happens when we impose our influence on breathing, cycling, productive, wonderous tropical forest (see here). Along the way, I’ll ad lib my experiences of Borneo, its culture, its wilderness and its outlook for the future.


2 Responses to Wallah what?

  1. Tom says:

    Hello Oli, this is Tom, I helped you remove the tails of some small forest mammals once. How’s it going mate? I see you haven’t been keeping your blog up to date… Tut tut.

  2. OllieW says:

    Good to hear from you, Tom. You did better than that – you saved a thirsty Sundamys muelleri. I trust you went on to use these new-found rat fondling skills? Hope all is going well…

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